We have a number of services dedicated to different aspects of nursing. If you are not sure where to start, simply book a comlimentary 30 minute kickstart call and let’s work out your needs.

The Value of Reflective Practice

 In addition to being a legal requirement for the NMC revalidation process, reflective discussion is an extremely rewarding activity as a nurse. Reflective discussion enables you to revisit an encounter, an experience, an incident in a calm and measured way. This process helps you tease out both the positive and negative aspects so that learning can take place, practice can grow and learning needs be identified.  

Working in an independent setting can lead to isolation and anxieties and concerns about many different aspects of your working day. Whatever setting you practice in, your practice can develop with the use of reflective practice.


In advance of your 60 minute session you will receive a form to help you get the best out of your session. The form is simply for you to complete & send back before the session. This will help you get the most out of your time and bring focus to the session. Once you have completed the form you can book your session which will take place over Zoom or FaceTime as you prefer.

Finally you will have a record of your discussion emailed to you for your records. You will also have the opportunity to book further sessions if wanted.


With 26 years experience as a Nurse, having worked in a variety of settings and having had the pleasure of managing and mentoring many nurses over the years, I am delighted to offer this service and aim for you to get the most out of the session as possible. You may choose to use this time to focus on clinical, admin, career or even business incidents – this is your time to use as you please. Whatever it is that you would like to reflect on, together we will work through and ensure that you are left with some increased self insight and startegies fro moving forward.
As a part of the NMC revalidation process, you must have had a reflective discussion with another NMC registrant, covering five written reflective accounts on your CPD and/or practice-related feedback and/or an event or experience in your practice and how this relates to the Code.

You must ensure that the NMC registrant with whom you had your reflective discussion signs the approved form recording their name, NMC Pin, email, professional address and postcode, as well as the date you had the discussion.

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We believe that Nurse prescribing is a really important way for Nurses to gain independence in the UK. We are delighted to offer you the supervision you need to fulfil your prescribing course requirements. You will have the opportunity to shadow our Nurses in clinic and to achieve the 90 hours you are required to complete. Our Nurses are based in a private Nurse owned aesthetics clinic, with general practice, A & E and forensics backgrounds. We are determined to help you to achieve your qualification and will go above and beyond to help you.


You will benefit from an accumulative 17 years private aesthetics experience. A friendly supportive and non intimidating experience will give you the best opportunity to pass your V300 with flying colours. We will ensure your legal requirements are met and that you feel not only competent but confident in your future endeavours.
  • The opportunity to work with ‘self- made’ Nurses who are happy to share their experiences and help you to be the best you can be.
  • Meet your legal requirements for the V300 course.
  • Have the ability for post qualification support.
The service for both supervisor & assessor is £2000. You will need to pay a £200 deposit prior to having your uni application signed off by us.

To add yourself to the waiting list or make an enquiry, simply drop us an email.

Are you fed up with your career progression and feel that you want to do something for yourself?

Nurses are so well placed to create small businesses either on the side or with a view to building over time to replace your main source of income.

Using our experience of over 11 years of business success, we can offer you bespoke guidance on coming up with an concept, putting a plan together and acheiving liftoff with your own business.Having run 2 successful businesses side by side for 11 and 7 years respectively, we have experienced the pitfalls, acheived the highs and overcome the various obstacles that we never even knew existed at the outset.


Get started with a one hour assessment call. My role is to help you to bounce ideas around and create a concept for you to take forward. This bespoke support will involve building a project around your values and ambitions. You will receive weekly tasks and resources that have been tailored to you sepcifically. You will have fortnightly one to one sessions to help you move along a continuum and keep you focused.


This 3 month programme will see you well on your way to starting something incredible.

You will have the opportunity to absorb the learning that has taken place over years without having to go through the pitfalls yourself.

Our mission is to get you where you want to be.

This is a 3 month programme with the option of extending another 3 months at the end or of switching to a month by month support option.

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Having reached a point where you realise that burnout is a future possibility - now is the time to start working out how to avoid - Prevention is always better than cure!



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