Entreprenurse has a  number of ways we can help you to move forward in your career and progress.

“Created by Nurses for Nurses.”


 V300 Supervision & Assessment (aesthetics)

Mentorship of aesthetic nurses in clinical practice (aesthetics)

Reflective discussion (any specialty)

EN1-2-1 (any specialty)


Social Media Masterclass (any specialty)

Vitamin B12 training – coming soon

Reflective discussion

The Value of Reflective Practice

In addition to being a legal requirement for the NMC revalidation process, reflective discussion is an extremely rewarding activity as a Nurse. Reflective discussion enables you to revisit an encounter, an experience, an incident in a calm and measured way. This process helps you tease out both the positive and negative aspects so that learning can take place, practice can grow and learning needs be identified.

Working in an independent setting especially can lead to isolation and anxieties and concerns about many different aspects of your working day. Whatever setting you practice in, your practice can develop with the use of reflective practice.


Are you embarking on or considering embarking on a new business project? Nurses are so well placed to create small businesses either on the side or with a view to building over time to replace your main source of income.

Using our experience of over 11 years of business success, we can offer you bespoke guidance on coming up with an concept, putting a plan together and achieving lift off with your own business.Having run 2 successful businesses side by side for 11 and 7 years respectively, we have experienced the pitfalls, acheived the highs and overcome the various obstacles that we never even knew existed at the outset.

There are so many opportunities now for Nurses to launch a side business to run alongside their ‘day job’ or to grow to replace it.


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