Do you notice how we go through different phases in life?

When we are younger – life seems to unfold before us, opportunities, adventure, new experiences, living from day to day. Many of us look back and feel we were less confident when we were young and whilst we may have been less comfortable in our own skin, we had less fear of the unknown, a kind of naive boldness that allowed us to take risks we are more likely to fear with age.

As we get a little older, the pathway changes to more serious stuff, career, family, more planning involved. This doesn’t lack excitement as often we are developing relationships both old and new – taking them to a deeper level which is an enriching experience. The drive to make a home and whatever goes along with that is fresh and challenging.

Older still and the dust starts to settle a little on our situation. Many of us find ourselves in the same job for the longest we have ever been. Our kids are getting older and becoming more independent. Our parents are ageing now and life can typically feel  more complicated, more pressured. It can be a point of reflection for many – (hence the mid life crisis jokes). Where do I go from here? What next? Is this it?

Of course, we don’t all slot neatly into these three basic categories – if only life was that simple!

At different points in time, we experience different emotions and drivers – perhaps feeling settled and content, or excited and actively working towards something or simply busy as hell. There are other times when we are day dreaming of a different life or maybe taking that day dream into a plan.

I believe that life is such a gift and yet it really is short. In the grand scheme of things we are not even the smallest grain of sand on the beach. Our lives and all the pressures and strains are simply a moment in time. If we can hold on to perspective we can be free to rekindle the boldness of our younger years mixed with the confidence and experience we have racked up over time – what a potent mix!

Many of us Nurses are experts at assessing other people using a range of fancy tools and evidence based practice, but how often do we really reflect on ourselves.

So I ask you, where are you at right now?

P.S if you need help with working this out drop me a message and let’s make it happen.

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