Have you ever stopped to think about the things that really prevent you from getting where you want to be? It is fair to say that none of us live our lives ‘gremlin free’ – anxiety, self doubt and uncertainty are a normal part of life.

Sometimes it may seem that others around us have more – more confidence, more ability, more tenacity. However, scratch beneath the surface and you will see that person also has different gremlins, just different to yours – that is all.

For example some people may be able to present in public with confidence, even charisma, whilst for others that may seem an impossible task. Some may make bold moves throughout their career whilst others cling to the warmth of familiarity in the same job year on year. Some may travel the far flung corners of the globe whilst others have never left their home town. None of these scenarios are wrong, they are simply examples of different traits, different choices.

Recognising your inner gremlins or ‘inner underdog’ as I prefer to call it, gives you the option of whether or not to challenge it, socialise it, train it.

So- what are you allowing to get in your way from progressing in your Nursing career?

Here are some common ones:

·      Nursing is implicitly linked with themes and stereotypes of the person behind the uniform. Whilst many of these are flattering and desirable they also act as constraints to progression. The warmth of that comfort blanket doubles as a psychological restraint. Will professional progression negate  or diminish the perception that as a Nurse, I am morally advanced, I put others before myself and I have no personal ambitions that are more important ? How would that shift in others’ perceptions affect me?

·      What if I try something and I fail? That could be embarrassing.

·      What if I’m not very good – perhaps it’s better to stick with something I know.

There are loads of other examples, these are just a few I have come across. Choosing to stick with same role or even the same post for your entire career is absolutely and completely fine – nothing wrong with it all. However,  understanding your own psyche, the things that scare you, the things that challenge you – allow you to make actual choices and avoid the potential for future regret.

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